Invictus Core Elements


Invictus provides our students with learning opportunities that are based upon each child’s strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Our structure for teaching core-subjects is responsive to each student’s knowledge base more than their age. While whole-class instruction will occur at specific times, differentiated instruction will be implemented through team teaching and computer-based instruction. Differentiation will also be facilitated by the strategic assistance of Instructional Aides/Paraprofessionals that can assist with re-teaching during the grouping of students by mastery levels and their readiness for new content.

Character Education and Leadership Development

Invictus will operationalize our leadership theme through character education to promote self-regulation, civic education to build an ethical mindset, and service-learning that contextualizes our leadership frame in real-time to a real-world problem within our community. Invictus has selected good curriculum for grades TK-8 to explore and discuss discrete aspects of self-management, empathy, and cross-cultural competence with our students. The character traits students investigate will be timed to align with the historical conflicts and the social science standard being studied.

Project-Based Learning

ILA’s students will have explicit opportunities to apply what is learned within core subject areas to a real-world problem(s) within their communities. These experiences are woven together by the leadership theme of our school, specifically through the exploration of social injustices. As ILA students explore these justice issues, they will utilize math, science, technology and engineering and the arts to quantify their observations. ILA’s specific approach to utilizing PBL to execute our leadership theme we have named “J-STEAM.” J-STEAM is our school’s way of exploring the intersection of social justice and the STEM sciences with the arts in grades TK-8. Invictus will hold an annual capstone event were ALL students participate, presenting their learning around a discrete social justice issue. This capstone event is called our Community Justice in Action (JAM) Day.